True or False?

Each year, the city of Columbia hosts the annual True/False Film Festival, where independent movies from around the world are screened to the public in several downtown locations. This multi-day festival features events and showings around the city. For the last two years, Tiger Garden has been an official floral sponsor of the True/False Film Festival. This opportunity has allowed our students to expand their creative knowledge and try new techniques that are not your “average, every day” floral creation.

For this past T/F Festival, our students created two distinct pieces for attendees to enjoy. The first piece was housed at Missouri Theatre, and featured all Moon Series carnations, lotus pods, and curly willow. An ombre theme was utilized with the carnations to create subtle movement throughout the piece. The beautiful purple colors contrasted with the natural look of the structure and came together to create a beautiful, tree-like arrangement that stood over eight feet tall.

For the second piece, our designers created a structure of bamboo to frame two distinctly different styles of design into one cohesive piece. The bottom of the piece featured natural, earthy materials and gradually moved upward into a tropical scene. Materials used included protea, gloriosa lilies, and heliconia.

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