Throwback Spotlight: The Next 10 Years!


I think it’s safe to say that none of the faculty, staff or students at Tiger Garden have thought about slowing down just because of the 10 year anniversary! With new students coming in every year, there are always new and inspiring ideas floating around. Some would say that it is a disadvantage to have so much turnover, but it’s what makes Tiger Garden so unique! We embrace change and look forward to all the “new” excitement every year.

We have two things we are going to focus on in the next several years:

  1. We want to continue to develop and put more efforts into expanding our professional network for our students. We want to be a “the” source for floral business when they are looking for quality interns and employees. Creating Mizzou SAIFD was the first major step in establishing our professional network and we look forward to taking a few more big steps in the coming years!
  2. Offering community classes is also something that is very important to us. We don’t offer enough and we want to do better. By the time we reach our 20th anniversary, we hope we can say we have a thriving community program.

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