Throwback Spotlight: Old Blue


We don’t have a lot of pictures of Old Blue, but those that were around during it’s time know exactly what you are talking about when you say, “Old Blue.”

Old Blue was a 1980’s Chevy Astro Van that was owned by the greenhouse. When Tiger Garden first opened, there was no need for a delivery vehicle. All the arrangements were delivered by foot. If there was something too big or too heavy to deliver, a vehicle was borrowed from another department in the Agriculture Building.

In the beginning, there were only a couple times a year where we got to use Old Blue. It was thought of as a “privilege” to drive the van. We could fit EVERYTHING we needed into it with one trip and it got us where we were going even if its max speed was only 50mph and it had some peeling paint.

As Tiger Garden’s business started to pick up, Old Blue was borrowed from the greenhouse and driven on a weekly basis for deliveries. No matter how early it was or how few people were on campus, if you were driving Old Blue, at least 10 of your friends would see you driving it. Basically, if you were trying to impress someone, they were for sure going to see you cruising around in the van with loud exhaust, peeling paint, dented doors, broken handles and squeaky breaks. It was a given. As embarrassing as it was, Tiger Garden was still very thankful to just have a vehicle to drive.

By the time 2012 rolled around, Tiger Garden had grown to the point where it needed its own delivery vehicles. Old Blue was becoming less and less dependable and it was finally retired in 2012. The day Old Blue was retired was a sad day for Tiger Garden students, but it was also the symbol of something new. It is fun to look back on what was and how far we’ve come!


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