Throwback Spotlight: Louise

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We cannot say enough kind words about Louise. Although she no longer volunteers at Tiger Garden, the hours she dedicated in those early years were priceless and unforgettable. It’s safe to say, Tiger Garden would not exist the way it does today if it weren’t for her.

Louise started working at Tiger Garden before it opened it’s doors in 2005 and worked almost every day for 5 years…all volunteer work. When she wasn’t in the shop, she was usually working on a project at home for the shop. She made custom jewelry, painted vases, hand-sewn items along with many other things.

With her background in sales, Louise worked with students to answer the phone and take orders. She taught them what it meant to “sell” something. She also taught the students how to do daily tasks…which included cleaning…something Louise was a perfectionist about. 🙂

Louise was a staple in the day-to-day business of Tiger Garden. She provided invaluable guidance, assistance and counseling to the students who were “in charge” of Tiger Garden’s management. It was a demanding job for most students and she always asked the right questions and helped the students to make the right decisions.

Louise still resides in Columbia and volunteers with a number of other organizations around town. We still see her from time-to-time and always enjoy her visits.


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