Another Exellent Excellence

Every year Tiger Garden Event’s designs and creates pieces for CAFNR’s annual CAFNR Excellence. The event serves as an elegant awards banquet for faculty, staff, and students. One of Tiger Garden’s own, Jaelyn Bergmann received the Outstanding Junior Award.

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This year we did a tropical inspired theme featuring siracha roses and lime green anthurium. Using such unique materials gives the design team opportunities to implement new techniques and designs.

In one of the three types of centerpieces we bound a small bouquet of roses, monstera leaves, and lily grass and wrapped the stems in an aspidistra leaf and then placed the bouquet in a large bubble bowl. This technique provides a clean sleek look that often pairs well with tropical flowers.

In our pedestal vase centerpieces each were designed differently using the same amount of materials, but using different techniques. Grouping, veiling, and rolled aspidistra leaves are some of the techniques used to make each piece different but cohesive to the overall theme.

The podium piece was unique because of its a-symmetrical shape. Lily grass grouped and tied in knots is a technique called detailing providing interest.


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