Big shoes to fill…

Melissa DanielsHello!

I want to first thank everyone within the Tiger Garden and CAFNR families for such a warm welcome! I am absolutely over-joyed to be working in such a fun and inspiring environment with the most exciting and creative group of individuals a girl could ask for!

After graduating from the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management and a minor in Business, I jumped right into the world of special events. As an event manager I learned the significance of thinking on your feet, being creative on a limited budget and the importance of comfortable shoes. 🙂  The mentoring skills I have developed throughout my time in Hospitality Management as an Academic and Career Advisor, as well as through my Master’s degree in Higher Education will allow me to provide students with advice during a vital and challenging time in their lives. With that being said, I hope to bring each of these experiences to my new position in Tiger Garden!

I have always enjoyed visiting Tiger Garden and am absolutely thrilled to now have the chance to work in such an outstanding facility at the heart of Mizzou!

Go Tigers!


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