A Healthy Garden is a Happy Garden

Gardening takes much more than putting the plants in the ground and letting them grow.   It takes contemplation about where to place your garden.  You have to think about whether your plant needs shade, partial, or full sun exposure.  With all the things you have to consider it is also very important to consider how intensely you will take care of your plants?  This may seem like a lot, but with a little of guidance from Tiger Garden and our experts, gardening becomes a fun and exciting experience.



Michelle Brooks, MU’s greenhouse coordinator, has the answer to just about any question we throw at her about gardening. So, we asked her to give us a few tips for our upcoming Warm Season Sale.



1. Choose plants that are in premium packs or small pots. These plants will begin growing much quicker when transplanted because they are less likely to have growth regulators applied (as compared to small cell packs).


2.Choose plants that are just beginning to flower. This will cause less transplant shock than something that is fully bloomed out after transplanting from the container to a new media. Transplant shock is considered a loss in growth or even a loss in the entire plant.



3.Do not disturb root systems when transplanting unless there is severe root spiraling in the container. Severe root spiraling can call for removing some roots so the plant can adapt to its new home.


4.Give plants sufficient room when planting especially in containers. While stuffing containers too full now may give instant gratification, later this summer the plants will be overgrown and competing for light and it will be very difficult to keep it sufficiently watered. It is all about planning ahead.


5.Deadheading plant species that have large flowers will encourage new flowers to develop and keep you garden looking neater. Deadheading is removing the blooms that have gone through the blooming cycle completely. This blooms are droopy and often dried out.




If you have any more questions give us a call at the shop at 573-884-1191, email us at tigergarden@missouri.edu, or stop by 2-34 Agriculture Building for a good look at some of our selection that is set to be here May 1 and 2 of this week! Happy gardening and we can’t wait to see you Thursday and Friday at the University of Missouri-Columbia.


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