it’s the Little Things that Count

The smile from a good friend you haven’t seen in a while, the hug after a long day, or a phone call can make any day better. It seems that at Tiger Garden we remember that it is the little things that matter. Each individual employee knows that having appreciation for one another and for the work they do in Tiger Garden is extremely important.


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It seems that each arrangement that goes out our door is something special. From birthdays to anniversaries. Tiger Garden helps one day turn into something spectacular.



A flower can be used to show appreciation, love, or grief. A person’s day can be completely changed by the little notice of a simple gift.  An arrangement is a gift of adoration, sorrow, or a statement of how much one cares.  The true question is, when was the last time you showed someone how much you care?



It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to say thank you. It could be an average tough Monday to show someone how important they are to your life. The next chance you get, swing into good ol’ Tiger Garden and take a gift home for that person who influences your life. They will sure appreciate it.


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We are always ready to help you! Tiger Garden is currently gearing up for Administrative Professional’s Week, but we hope that you make any day an excuse to brighten another’s! Give us a call at 573-882-1191 or email us at


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