Graduating with Tiger Pride

It seems that for many students at the University of Missouri graduating from the University of Missouri is just around the corner. It is a special time in each Tiger’s life when it becomes the moment for them to pass back through the columns to their future.



This year to make things extra special, Tiger Garden is offering some custom Mizzou products. We are carrying a tiger-wrapped $10 arrangement for those flower lovers on their special graduation day.




We are stocking up on our Mizzou custom metal products. From pennants to key holders, Tiger Garden will have a large variety of Mizzou insignia. These products are special to Mizzou and will last for years and years after graduation.


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Once a Tiger, always a Tiger. Tiger Garden wants to make sure that each Tiger’s final moments as a student are finished perfectly.


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Tiger Garden wishes the best of luck to each student stepping into the big world. As they do, we hope they have taken the experiences of this great university home with them. In the next couple of the months take the chance to enjoy the moments and visit the sites of Mizzou including their florist. See you in 2-34 Agriculture Building!



If you would like to order a graduation gift give us a call at 573-884-1191, email us at, or visit us on facebook, google+, or pinterest for any graduation gift ideas.


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