Administrative Professional’s Gift

For an office to run smoothly it takes several components. From a sound business model to the correct staff, a business can move extremely smoothly. Make sure to  take the chance to say thank you to the administrative professional in your office.  They are huge portion of making your business or office run smoothly!

Tiger Garden is going to have the perfect gifts for any coworker, This year for Adminstrative Professional’s Day, Tiger Garden is providing a bright yellow arrangement for $40. This arrangement can be made custom for each gift, but know that each is made to the highest quality.

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Tiger Garden will also have many office plants available for the day of celebration! Tiger Garden has anything from a schefflera to a pothos, we truly have the optimal plant for your office. Many of these plants are low-maintenance. Prices start at just $10.95.

Lastly, Tiger Garden has Mizzou metal pieces for the Mizzou fan in your office. Get Mizzou’s official seal, an old school pennant, or even a candle holder.  Just take a look at our wide selection in the shop at 2-34 Agriculture Building or even check out our facebook page.

Don’t forget to swing by Tiger Garden this week to place your Adminstrative Professional’s gift order. We look forward to helping you out this next week!


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