True Blue Flowers

Roses are red violets are blue, do you know any other flowers that hue? There are actually very few “true” blue flowers in existence. Our favorite blue flower to use in Tiger Garden Events is delphinium. Delphinium is a line flower that comes in a darker and light shade of blue.


Most blue flowers are of the garden variety, for instance: Morning Glory, Geranium, and Poppies. There are several other flowers that are modified to grow blue, dyed, or sprayed. At Tiger Garden we generally order flowers that are blue already, but dying or spraying is a great tool as well.

geranium  poppymorning glory

Dying a flower consists of dying the water and letting the flower absorb it. Think back to your sixth grade science fair with the carnations. Lastly, if we spray the flowers we use a special spray paint that is non-harmful. This is a great way to control the exact color and shade of a flower. Next time you’re searching for something blue in your floral arrangement ask for true blue flowers!


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