Warm Season Bedding Sale

Are you ready for the summer time? Warm breezes, sunny days, and the chance to garden? For Tiger Garden, all of the above make a perfect prescription to help build your perfect warm season garden.  Tiger Garden will have all of your warm season planting needs for May 1 and 2.

Our Warm Season Sale is the perfect time to pick up all of your flowers and vegetables. As seen in the list below, Tiger Garden will be filled with a large variety of warm season plants.

Warm Season 2014


Tiger Garden will have the hallways lined these beautiful plants. The varieties come in all shapes and sizes.

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Don’t forget to come see us May 1 and 2! Feel free to give us a call at 573-884-1191, email us at tigergarden@missouri.edu, or stop by 2-34 Agriculture Building.


May 1st & 2nd Plant Sale Selection:

Ageratum — High Tide Blue

Angelonia — Serena Blue

Begonia– Looking Glass/Angelwing

Begonia, dragonwing–Whopper Red Bronze Leaf

Begonia, dragonwing–Whopper Red Green Leaf

Begonia, tuberou–Breezy Salmon Orange

Caladium–Garden White

Caladium–Frog in a Blender

Caladium–Pink Beauty

Caladium–Red Ruffles


Calla lily–Santa

Canna–Tropical Bronze Scarlet

Celosia — Kimono Yellow

Celosia–Tornado Red

Celosia– Ice Cream Mix

Coleus, shade–Emotions Passionate

Coleus, shade–Carefree Mix

Coleus, sun– Mixed

Coleus, shade–Kong Jr. Lime Vein

Cosmos–Cosmic Orange

Cuphea– Sriracha Pink

Dahlia–Figaro Mix

Dichondra–Silver Falls

Dichondra–Emerald Falls

Euphorbia– Breathless White

Evolvulus– Blue Daze

Gazania–Daybreak Tiger Mix

Gazania–New Day Red Shades

Geranium, Ivy–Tornado Carmine

Geranium, Zonal–Red, Coral, Strawberry Sizzle

Gomphrena –Audray Rose Bicolor

Hibiscus acetosella–Mohogany Splendor

Impatien–SE XP Punch

Impatien–SE XP Salmon Splash

Impatien–SE XP Blue Pearl

Impatien, exotic–Glow Yellow

Impatien, exotic–Heat


Iresene–Purple Lady

Lantana–Lucky Blaze

Lantana–Lucky Citrus

Lantana–Lucky Rose Glow

Lantana–Lucky Gold

Marigold–African Crackerjack Mix

Marigold–African First Lady

Marigold–French Bonanza Yellow

Marigold–French Bonanza Gold

Marigold–French Durango Bolero

Marigold–French Durango Orange


Mina lobata–Jungle Queen

Nasturtium– Jewel Mix

Ornamental Pepper–Medusa

Ornamental Pepper–Purple Flash

Ornamental Pepper–Black Pearl

Penstemon–Arabesque Pink

Penstemon–Carillo Purple

Pentas–Grafitti Lavender

Petunia–Shock Wave Burgundy Star

Petunia– Tidal Wave Purple

Petunia– Tidal Wave Silver

Plumbago–Escapade Blue

Portulaca– Happy Trails Mix

Purslane–Rio Orange

Purslane–Rio Rose

Purslane–Rio Scarlet

Rudbeckia–Indian Summer

Rudbeckia–Denver Daisy

Salvia–Victoria Blue

Salvia–Vista Red

Salvia– Forest Fire

Salvia– Vista Purple

Sanvitallia– Million Suns

Strobilanthes–Persian Shield

Tecoma–Mayan Gold

Thunbergia– Alata

Verbena –Enduro Purple

Vinca– Jams N Jellies Blackberry

Vinca– Cooler peppermint

Vinca–Pacifica xp orchid deep

Vinca– Pacifica Mix Cranberry Relish

Vinca–Pacifica Burgundy Halo

Vinca, trailing– Mediterranean XP Red

Vinca, trailing– Mediterranean XP Rose Hot

Vinca, trailing–Mediterranean XP Polka Dot

Zinnia– Zahara Fire

Zinnia–Profusion Yellow

Zinnia–Magellan Mix Sunburst


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