How to make a centerpiece, in your HAND!

The Events Team does a lot of centerpieces for several different occasions, so you might think we have a few tricks to make designing quicker and more efficient.  Good news, we do and want to share with you!

When designing sometimes the material is difficult to work with, such as very loose flowers and greenery. Instead of struggling to get the flowers to stay in the vase we make the arrangement first in our hands. This allows us to position greenery, filler, and the flowers without them falling out. Here are steps and pictures of how to make an arrangement in your hand!

Step one: Cutting your flowers to the appropriate length


Step two: Start to make a small bouquet of greenery in your hand. After greenery add your flowers!


Step three: Now that you have most of your flowers arranged in your hand, drop in vase.


Step four: add filler flower to your arrangement and anything else to finish it off.


And Done! Using this trick, of making the arrangement in your hand, helps us to get just the right look we were going for!





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