1 Vase, 1 Stem, 1 Cause

In today’s world it is growing ever more important to reduce, reuse, and recycle our daily items. In the floral industry, it is no different. For a long time, Tiger Garden has worked to reduce waste and utilize all the products we have available. We are very cautious of our product used in our flower shop and hope to continue to make a better planet for flower lovers every where.


As a part of our efforts to promote recycling, Tiger Garden has taken a few steps to lighten our carbon footprint. Currently, we send our green matter to compost at one of the University’s farms.  This has been a weekly effort of Tiger Garden and many plant science students.  We try to lessen our water use, use less paper products, and keep our coolers to an efficient temperature. It is all in effort to be environmentally efficient.


To add to our efforts we are inviting residences of Columbia to join us in some recycling. Tiger Garden will be offering a free stem for each vase that is turned into Tiger Garden.  There are no limits on the amount of vases that a person can bring. Look under sink and in your storage to bring any leftover vases into Tiger Garden.


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Give us a call at 573-884-1191 if you have any questions, see our website, our visit us on facebook!






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