A Few Healthy Cool Season Garden Tips

The closer and closer we get to our Cool Season Bedding Sale, the more and more Tiger Garden gets to see each of our wonderful customers. This year we are excited to have a wide collection of flowers, vegetables, and herbs for any cool season garden. In just a few short days we will have hundreds of plants leaving Tiger Garden for their new home!

As  florists and avid gardeners, we realize that you may have a few questions as to planting your newly purchased plants. Well, here are a few of Tiger Garden’s tips given by Michelle Brooks our greenhouse coordinator.

Tip 1: Harden off plants by gradually exposing them to the cold. Do this a few days  before planting to help them adapt to the new environment.

Tip 2:  Choose an area with well-drained soil that receives 4-6 hours of sunlight.  Most cool season plants are sun lovers!

Tip 3: If expecting below freezing temperatures place an old towel or blanket over your plants. These will provide insulation from the cold. Plastic will not be suffice because it does not hold in the heat.

Tip 4: Purchase plants that are fresh and just starting to bloom. These plants will transplant and establish in the garden easier.

Each one of these tips should ease your gardening experience. At Tiger Garden we wish you the best of luck and the greenest of thumbs. If you have anymore questions about our Cool Season Sale March 20 and 21 or are in need of a gardening tip just stop by 2-34 Agriculture Building at the University of Missouri. You are always welcomed to call 573-884-1191 or email us at tigergarden@missouri.edu.


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