Artist in Residence J. Schwanke

Tiger Garden was honored to be joined by floral expert J Schwanke. Mr. Schwanke visited the University of Missouri-Columbia as Mizzou’s SAIFD Artist in Residence.  Artist in Residence is a annual event where we host a floral expert to learn from their experiences in our blooming industry. Tiger Garden and SAIFD were both excited to learn from all the knowledge J carries.

J spoke with students about efficiency in processing flowers, how important noticing trends are, and how to build their floral experience. For J, this is speaking from personal experience. He has been a long- time floral leader. From running his family’s company, Green’s Greenhouses Inc,  to his marketing positions with Smithers Oasis Company and Design Master Color Tool, J has been a large influence on this beautiful industry.

J spent Sunday and Monday of March 2nd and 3rd with students. After working on exquisite arrangements,  J spoke about utilizing all available resources and new practices for flower care. Gina Olsen, SAIFD Vice President, stated, “I really enjoyed learning about new ways of flower care. I didn’t realize there was so much science and detail that went behind it. Also I love learning new design techniques, anytime I can boost my creativity is great.” It can be said with great confidence that Mr. Schwanke will always be welcomed in Tiger Garden.

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If you would like to see some of the great things J taught the students associated with Tiger Garden, stop on by the shop today. We would be more than happy to see you. We hope that J is able to visit more often and will continue to thrive for more knowledge like his. Thank you to MR. J Shwanke for the great visit.


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