The Luck of the Irish

Lucky shamrocks will soon be found in 2-34 of the Agriculture Building. Tiger Garden is bringing in our own purple and green shamrocks  for the month of March and St. Patrick’s Day.


Shamrocks will be delivered Monday afternoon and become available as soon as they are price and processed in! Tiger Garden’s shamrocks will start pricing at $8.95!  We love bringing the many shamrocks into Tiger Garden and celebrating a great holiday!


The legend of a shamrock’s luck stems from Ireland. Many say the leaves representing hope, faith, and love, and with a fourth leaf: luck.  Take the chance to share bit of good charm with a friend in the month of March.  This plants prefer moist soils, low light, and are easy maintenance. They are perfect gift for a Mizzou engineering major or some one who needs an office plant. Shamrocks will flower with a pink or white floral head and re-bloom from year to year. They do have a dormant stage, but make perfect gifts that will last if taken care of correctly.


Stop by Tiger Garden to make your lucky purchase today, call 573-884-1191, or email with an order! We look forward to spreading Irish cheer this year!


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