Black and Gold Centerpieces

One thing Tiger Garden knows best is black and gold. Being located on MU’s campus makes us the  obvious choice for black and gold arrangements. Many don’t want to vary from their school colors that they are so proud of, and why should they!

We’re here to inform you we have several different designs that incorporate Mizzou’s black and gold without giving you the same old thing!

One of the most popular flowers that we use in black and gold pieces are spider mums. They are great to work with, come in white and yellow, and they are a less expensive option.  Now you may wonder where we get “black” flowers. To add a touch of black to a piece, we use a special spray paint for flowers to color them black. In our arrangements we generally only spray filler flowers or greenery. Another way to add an extra color is using ribbon picks. (Pictured Above) This not only adds another color to the piece but texture as well.

The next time you are hosting a black and gold event don’t just ask for the “usual”, let us help you add that extra little something to your arrangment.


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