Valentine’s Day kicked off bright and early this morning after a late night of last minute designing and preparing.

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Fully staffed the shop was full of hands ready to tackle the large number of deliveries and orders to be picked up and delivered around the community.

You can check out our facebook page for a full gallery of this week’s madness.

Today you can expect staff in the front of the shop assisting customers looking to make last minute orders and building arrangements. In the back of the shop in the floral design classroom is where customers can pick up their orders they purchased prior to today. Staff will also be making deliveries all day, so your loved one can expect a beautiful arrangement hand delivered by one of our student employees.

Tiger Garden has worked long hours and put a lot of effort into making this day very special for students, staff, and members of the community. They make it convenient and easy for students on campus to make a purchase and it’s accessible and affordable for Columbia residents as well.

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If you’re looking to purchase today, or in the future we are located at 2-34 Agriculture Building on MU’s campus. You can also purchase online or call (573) 884-1191.

Thank you to all who have followed us on social media to help build our brand and get the word out about our love and dedication for flowers and serving customers with the best possible product.


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