Late Nights Make Happy Valentine’s

Tiger Garden is a 24/7 week business the week of Valentine’s Day. To ensure that all customers are satisfied and arrangements made, Tiger Garden spends countless hours after 5 p.m. perfecting our floral arrangements.

This year we are currently 150 orders ahead of last year. From Monday to Wednesday we have taken close to 200 orders and are projected to grow those numbers the rest of the day today. Tiger Garden is so excited to be inviting community members to celebrate Valentine’s Day with us. We are completely prepared for more orders and customers.

With all this work, our students are committed to our Valentine’s Day task. . We have been eating meals in Tiger Garden, spending nights in the agriculture building, and preparing for very busy days on Thursday and Friday.  There are smiling faces and quick hands found with each employee.

The sooner you get your order in the better. Our flower shop is going to be extremely busy on Thursday and Friday. Many of us will spend our evening Thursday making arrangements, organizing, and preparing for the big day As we look forward to the growing number of arrangments, we are become more and more anxious to make someone’s Valentine’s Day perfect. Call 573-884-1191 or email if you would like to place your order today.

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