3000 Roses

Tiger Garden is about to embark on one of our favorite, but longest weeks of the year. Valentine’s Day is the prime time for MU’s floral shop to really show how much our students are capable of.

This year we are extremely excited to announce that we are housing 3000 roses to be used within our many arrangements that will leave our shop. The rose is a time honored flower that has continued to be one of our best flowers to use in any arrangements.

On top of the 3000 roses that will be found in Tiger Garden over the next couple of days, TG will have a wide selection of flowers. From Hydrangeas to Lilies to Spray Roses, our little flower shop will be overflowing with flowers ready to be ordered. Our selection does not stop there either Alstromeria, Mini Carnations, and Flowering Stock all help round out the list of our floral selection.

We are gearing up for over a 1000 orders here at Tiger Garden. That is the most we have ever had. If you would like to be one of those orders stop by 2-39 Agriculture Building, call 573-844-1191, or visit our website for any information.


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