Volumes for the Valentines

20 staff members, 4 student managers, and 3 professional staff  encompass the employees at Tiger Garden. This will be the same 27 people that will be producing fabulous arrangements for close to 1000 orders this year. The numbers can be a bit  baffling with how much Tiger Garden is going to produce in one week of TG Valentine love.

Currently, Tiger Garden has 5000 flowers order. Each flower will be used by the end of February 14th, 2014.

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Also, 800 vases  are in the shop. This includes single rose vases all they way up to vases prepared for two dozen roses. Pink, Purples, Red, and clear are our top colors being provided this year and we love, love, love them.

Our closest has over 2000 preservative packets ready to freshen floral water in each Tiger Garden arrangement that is produced. We like to ensure that each arrangement is in tip-top shape. The arrangements that we send out are only the  best. Our saying is that if we would not want to take it home to our own grandmother, we won’t send it with someone else.


96 bears line our shelves and close to 15 different types of chocolates wait for that lucky someone to come and take them home.

With only one week and two days before Tiger Garden truly gets to preform, Valentine’s Day is  just around the corner. That gives the Love Doctors only 216 hours before all our preparation is implemented.  If you would like to order any of our products give us a call quick at 573-884-1191 or stop by 2-34 Agriculture Building.


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