Pete and Repeat Walked Into a Flower Shop

Tiger Garden has quite a few frequent customers! Some of our favorite people visit us weekly to order flowers and gifts for their loved ones! Our repeat customers range from faculty and staff to businesses in Columbia.  Their orders are of flowers, arrangements, and even for our holiday decorating expertise.

One of our favorite repeat arrangements that we produce is one for the University of Missouri’s hospital. Every Tuesday of every week of the year, Tiger Garden makes a beautiful piece for the hospital’s cafe, Essentials.  We have been providing gorgeous flowers since 2009 for the staff and patients of the University Hospital.

These arrangements can range from holiday themed to a creative muse for a designer. It  always stands true to Tiger Garden’s vow to have the best arrangements in town with the highest quality.

Tiger Garden just loves our continued relationship with the University Hospital.

In the next few weeks Tiger Garden will meet customers that have never been in our shop before. We hope that their new experience will  be as good as the customers’ that we have had for years. Much like our weekly arrangement with the hospital, we also hope that those customers will continue to be a part of Tiger Garden’s business.

If you would like to join the group that loves Tiger Garden just give us a call at 573-884-1191 or email us at


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