Natural Bouquet Trends

We do many weddings through out the year, and in doing so we get to see all the new trending styles. One that has been very popular especially this fall has been the more relaxed “I picked these from my back yard” style.


This bouquet is a perfect example! It isn’t the typical tight round bouquet that has been popular for quite sometime, instead it has a very loose look to it.  This bouquet is different because it takes the more tradtional round bouquet and adds certain flowers that automatically create that loose feel.

Eucalyptus and hanging amaranthus are loose and free in their form so when they are added to a bouquet they give it a more wild look.  Adding a line flower, like delphinium, also helps to bring it away from the traditional, and give the bouquet the gathered look rather than the round shape. Also in the mix are dahlias, tulips, and scabiosas pods.


Above are all of the pieces that were made for the wedding which took place at the Firestone Baars Chapel on Stephens College Campus.


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