Bearing the Cold

Brrrrr… It is Cold!   Tiger Garden and our faithful employees are back at it even in this blustering weather! Hats, gloves, and scarves are being dawned by everyone.

In this cold many wonder if we will still be delivering flowers. Well, we are proud to say that Tiger Garden doesn’t stop for anything, even in zero degree temperatures! However, we do take some very special precautions to ensure the safety of our flowers and especially our employees and customers!


Truth be told, the majority of our flowers are stored and displayed in a cooler.  The temperatures in these coolers are very similar to a gorgeous 50 degree day much like yesterday in Columbia, MO.  They are kept comfortable to keep them fresh, but if these flowers were to be exposed to the frigid cold temperatures they would be severely damaged.

Tiger Garden takes the time to wrap each one of our arrangements. Very similar to coats on our employees, covering the arrangements keeps the warmth in and fights off the extreme cold!  Some flowers even take more care than others, but Tiger Garden is sure to optimize our floral care all around!

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Our flowers are also kept indoors as much as possible. These means that our delivery vehicle is warmed before arrangements are placed in it and brought close to the building. We truly do take pride in everything we do at Tiger Garden.

We hate, hate, hate this cold weather, but we love, love, love our flowers and our customers.  Sun, sleet, and snow will not stop Tiger Garden from delivering beautiful flowers to the residence of Columbia.  If you would like a warm place to stop and visit Tiger Garden is always the perfect place to be! Smiling faces, lovely floral fragrance, and beautiful flowers! Stop by 2-34 Agriculture Building today to order some flowers for today or even get ahead and grab your Valentine’s gift!


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