Order Early and Save

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Tiger Garden is preparing to have 1000 orders come through our shop doors for Valentine’s Day! That is about 20 times the business we would have in an average week. To make Valentine’s Day happen smoothly and successfully, several weeks and months of preparation have to fall into place. Valentine’s Day is truly a love/hate relationship for a florist. We love all the extra customers and orders it brings into our shop, but it also puts a lot of demand on us for that single day. It often results in many long hours and sleepless nights for all involved even though we will have more than double the amount of our normal staff.

So, why are we telling you all of this? Let’s get to the point. We love, I mean LOVE, customers who order early. AND….customers who order early, actually get the best flowers. Let us tell you why. We, and a lot of florists, make all of our orders in the order they come in. While we cannot make any 100% guarantees about flower colors, those that order early will be more likely to get their 1st request. Additionally, as designers make arrangements, they naturally pull the best flowers first. As we get closer to the holiday, flower options and quality will become more and more limited. While we will not sell poor quality flowers, those who order early often get the “premium” flower selections.

To encourage early orders, we have an additional incentive for our early birds. They will not only get the best quality flowers, but they will receive 10% off their order if they order by Monday, February 10th at 4:30PM. This discount is available by phone or walk-in (we cannot offer the discount for online orders). It applies to all Valentine’s Day orders for delivery or pick-up Wednesday, February 12 – Friday, February 14th. 

If you would like to take part in this special discount call 573-884-1191 or walk through the door of 2-34 Agriculture Building.


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