Poinsettias Made by Hand

One could never believe their eyes when they first step into the doors of Tiger Garden. Typically poinsettias are viewed in bright pinks, reds and whites, but the room of 2-34 is filled with colors beyond the average holiday decor. For us, Tiger Garden loves the orange, purple, and tye-dye poinsettias that are waiting to be taken home by our customers.

Tiger Garden’s poinsettias are hand painted and given care each day by the students of the University of Missouri-Columbia. This is a specialty of Mizzou. Tiger Garden is the only place to find these significantly beautiful plants.

Our poinsettias start at $12.95. Those prices include our traditional white, pink, and red plants.

We also have our dazzling poinsettias which start at $14.95. These poinsettias are given extra care and extra time. They are every where from a bright teal to two-toned purple.

Lastly, with the love for our Tigers, TG has pawprint poinsettias. Tigers seem to be leaving marks where ever we go. From our poinsettias to the SEC, Mizzou bleeds black and good.

If you would to see more of our poinsettias just stop by the shop at 2-34 Agriculture Building or call us at 573-884-1191.


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