Giving Thanks

Mizzou students leave for Thanksgiving break this Friday, November 22. As that quickly approaches students and faculty alike are ready for a well deserved break. As we do that though, it seems that so much has happened in this last semester. We are top ten with our football team, Mizzou students have taken multiple tests, and faculty have worked hard to keep this University as one of the top in the nation. In the hustle and bustle of the times, we must take time to say thank you.

A perfect way to show someone your appreciation can be found just inside the doors of Tiger Garden. From floral bouquets to gift baskets, 2-34 Agriculture Building is full of gifts for anyone. Showing appreciation for hardwork invokes friendships and a continuing effort from those involved.

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Pot mums, bamboo, and even a holiday wreath can be sent to a hardworking friend this week. Just call 573-884-1191, email, or visit our facebook page for any other questions you may have.

Tiger Garden would also like to say thank you to our customers, staff, and supporters for all they do. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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