A Special Visitor

Wednesday, September 25, Tiger Garden had a very special guest from the floral industry. Karyn Brooke, AIFD is an active member of the American Institute of Floral Designers and very good friend of Tiger Garden and Mizzou SAIFD (an AIFD student chapter). Tiger Garden and Mizzou SAIFD are very excited to find such a successful woman to learn from.

Karyn is the proud owner of Sideline’s Custom Floral Designs in Kansas City, Missouri. As a predominant floral business in the city, Karyn has a vast array of knowledge to not only to teach student workers design skills, but business skills. Floral design students sat down for dinner with Karyn at D. Rowe’s Wednesday evening and were honored to spend the day with her Thursday, September 26.

Students like Kelsey Price noted that she could tell Mrs. Brooke truly cared about the program here at Mizzou. “Karyn really seemed to keep up with us throughout the summer. She asked about Symposium in Las Vegas and asked about our plans in the coming year,” Price said.

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As we go into next year’s Symposium, we are all excited for the planning and experiences that are to come for our group with Karyn.

We would truly like to say thank you to Karyn for her help and friendship. As employees, students, and managers, we are excited to call Karyn a part of the Tiger Garden family.  If you have any questions about the fun events and the fabulous people associated with Tiger Garden please call 573-884-1191 or email tigergarden@missouri.edu.  Find Karyn Brooke’s business at 816-941-8814  or find them at  www.facebook.com/sidelinescustomfloraldesigns.


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