Recognition Ceremony

As a floral shop, we have had our share of help from our community and friends. Today in Tiger Garden we had the opportunity to thank all of those who have been a huge part of our experience in Tiger Garden. This is a tribute to all those who have had a hand in who we are as a shop and a learning environment.

Tiger Garden began in 2005 with most of the employees being “volunteer” or “workstudy” students contributing their time. Each member of the crew had a dream of how big Tiger Garden could be. Now, Tiger Garden employs 20 students that work within the shop, on events, in the classroom, and help promote the success of Mizzou’s florist. The shop has bloomed into a trademark for the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources and something that each student is proud of.

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During our Recognition Ceremony we decided to recognize a few particular people that have truly left their stamp on Tiger Garden.

Louise Bullock is not a professor or accountant, but she holds an irreplaceable presence in Tiger Garden’s history. For nearly five years, Louise volunteered countless hours to Tiger Garden. Her love for the floral industry and drive to continue education for young students to become successful business people, is a reason to honor Louise. She has a friend, a mentor, and a crucial component to Tiger Garden’s success.  Truly, Louise will always be a part of 2-34 and will forever be a Tiger Garden member.

Susan Lasley is the business manager from the Division of Plant Sciences. Susan has served as various roles for Tiger Garden, the most notable of which is our financial expert. Susan has been an integral part of Tiger Garden’s success, especially while keeping us in line throughout the year and Valentine’s Day. Susan’s office resides just down the hallway from our shop and always seems to brighten our day with her visits to the Tiger Garden. As a thank you, we honor Susan Lasley with vast appreciation and look forward to our years to come together.

Mizzou’s greenhouse coordinator is a hardworking, dedicated woman. Michelle Brooks has continued to hold  a portion of Tiger Garden’s heart. Michelle has spent the last several years assisting Tiger Garden with our house plants, bedding sales, gorgeous poinsettias. Michelle may be a “behind-the-scenes” component to our shop, but she has continued to support Tiger Garden. Michelle has also spent countless hours of Valentine’s Day preparation with Tiger Garden. Michelle Brooks extra hand has kept us steady through numerous hours and we thank her for her support.

Dr. Mary Ann Gowdy is a professor at the University  of Missouri. Within the Plant Sciences Division, Dr. Gowdy is a strong woman who works hard and is committed to her students. Tiger Garden originates from the ideas of  our very own Dr. Gowdy. She has worked to help advocate for Tiger Garden as well as education students on the care, growth, and value of flowers. Without Dr. Gowdy, none of this could have been possible.  She has seen the shop from the beginning to its current state. A woman that keeps us on our toes, Dr. Gowdy is appreciated by each Tiger Garden employee.

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Overall, Tiger Garden has many to thank for our floral successes. Our Grand Reopening week was more about those who have helped us than anything. We exude appreciation and hope that the years to come continue to be blessed and filled with same fun, energetic people found within Tiger Garden’s circle! Contact Tiger Garden on our facebook page, at, or call us at 573-884-1191.


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