Ribbon Cutting on a New Tiger Garden

Monday, September 23 marks the beginning of a new era within Tiger Garden. To start off our Grand Reopening, Tiger Garden is hosting a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Columbia Chamber of Commerce and the Office of CAFNR Communications. As we begin to celebrate the Grand Reopening of Tiger Garden, we look forward to a week of appreciation for our customers. Our shop has grown immensely through hard work and dedication, but this week would not be possible without the support of our customers, facebook friends, and supporters.

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Here is a quick peek at the Ribbon Cutting.

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We are so excited to have so many supports came out to see our ceremony. Kim Martin, student managers, and students workers look on as a new chapter at Tiger Garden begins. Always staying with the trends while keeping traditions and pride in customer service, all of our staff is excited for the week.

From 2005 to now, we are happy to call 2-34 Agriculture Building our home. Call us at 573-884-1191, email us at tigergarden@missouri.edu, or find us on facebook or twitter.


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