Adorn Your Home with Fall


As September quickly passes us by, it seems that fall is going to come into full swing.  Looking forward to bonfires, marsh mellows, and the gorgeous colors of fall, Tiger Garden gets excited about all the new items that we can provide for our customers.   Tiger Garden is in the full swing of fall now with our fall tree warming our room with bright reds, oranges, and the trending burlap.  Our shop is truly engaging in the wonderful traditions of fall and the excitement of a new season.


A Tiger Garden pride point comes from the beautiful garden mums that are provided through our shop.  Yellow, red, orange, and pink are some of the colors that these long-lasting blooms carry. Our mums arrived on September 5 this year and are quickly disappearing.  Priced at $12.95 these mums can be taken home to be kept in pots on the porch or planted in a garden. It is incredible at how many  blooms one garden mum can have, and they only continue to be a fall favorite.



The true fall excitement comes from the fall wreaths that adorn our walls at the shop. Tiger Garden spends numerous hours preparing fall wreaths for our best customers to take home to loved ones and to show off at their own homes. This year we have a wide variety of wreaths.  Currently, we have 12  wreaths, but don’t let it discourage you if you don’t fall in love with one. The great thing about Tiger Garden is that we work to suit the customer. So, stop by the shop with a wreath design or ask us to customize one for you and your personal space; we will be more than happy to do it!


SAMSUNG CSCPrices typically range from $25 to $65 for our fall wreaths. When your interest is sparked give us a call at 573-882-6445 or stop by our shop at 2-34 the Agriculture Building on the University of Missouri-Columbia’s campus!


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