A Snack for Any Occasion

Don’t let the busy-bodies of Tiger Garden fool you, we love to snack. From taking care of arrangements to preparing the shop for the best customers in the world, Tiger Garden takes a moment to grab a snack of choice once in a while.

For us, we added IB Nuts to our assortments of yummy morsels. A Columbia-based company, IB Nuts provides different types of trail mixes, chocolates, pretzels, and dried fruits. Not only do these items come with intriguing names like MO Munch, but they are delicious.

A few products that you will find on our shelves are yogurt covered pretzels, the MO Munch trail mixes, and dried bananas.  We are also adding popcorn assortments, and chocolates for the sweets lovers of the world.

IB Nuts are perfect to be added to any arrangement or setting.  They can be taken as a quick class snack or used in any gift basket. Either way, Tiger Garden is ready to fill your belly with local products.

Stop by 2-34 Agriculture Building, see our Facebook or Pinterest, or give us a call at 573-884-1191. We look forward to seeing you!


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