Blooming into a New Year!

Welcome back Tigers! For those new to campus, Tiger Garden greets you with lots of fun and exciting ways to brighten your day! From Beta fish to floral arrangements, Tiger Garden carries an array of products to fit any niche.

This fall season, we have new student employees, managers and designers to assist you with any questions, plant, flower, or product needs you may have. Our designers are eager to put their skills to work creating beautiful arrangements and pieces for their customers and peers.

While MU’s campus laid quiet, and students were off enjoying their summer with vacations and days by the pool, our full-time staff was hard at work  attending various conventions and workshops to bring fresh new ideas to the shop. Tiger Garden also went under some renovations including new shelves, and decorations for outside the shop to brighten up the place a little bit.

Available in our shop is a new selection of fish, flowers, plush, and Langley custom metals.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope you’ll stop by and check us out at 2-34 Agriculture Building and look us up on facebook at
Have a wonderful back-to-school week and a fabulous rest of the semester! We look forward to seeing you in the shop!


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