Merry Christmas in July :)

Believe it or not, it’s that time of the year when we have to start thinking about the winter holiday season.  I’m not talking about holiday shopping for your loved ones, I’m talking about holiday decorations.  Tiger Garden will do anything and everything on request but we typically stick with selling wreaths and garlands in the shop as well as onsite decorating.  Each season our little elves decorate between 10 and 15 residences, offices and buildings.  Some of those decorating accounts include University of Missouri Hospital, Reynolds Alumni Center and The Gathering Place Bed and Breakfast.  In our 2012 season we put up and decorated a total of 22 holiday trees all over campus and surrounding residence and hospitals.  All of these trees were ranging from 6 foot pencil trees to 20 foot full trees decorated in anything from Mizzou black and gold to the traditional red and green.

In retail and the floral industry we always have to work at least a season ahead.   You may notice that your favorite retail places painfully start to advertise for the winter holidays before we even have the chance finish savoring our watermelon or shooting off our fireworks.  This typically happens because retailers want to be in your mind first.  For example, if we go to hobby lobby in October and they have decorated Christmas trees everywhere, when you are ready to do your Christmas tree you will think of hobby lobby first if they were the first ones you experienced having holiday decorations up.  Although there is such thing as too early.  Its pretty common to hear grumbling the first little while that christmas decor is out but if they are out too early some people may develop a negative view of that store.  So basically as retailers we walk a fine line between being too early and being too late.  Here at Tiger Garden we like to think about Christmas in July but we don’t actually start decorating for Christmas until November.  We put our tree up and decorate it with fall in September (which normally throws people off just a little)  and then we go crazy with Christmas right after the kiddies get the candies at the end of October.

July normally consists of us going to market to purchase supplies for the holiday season and contacting our existing clients to discuss any additions or changes.

Here are some pictures of trees and decor we have done in the past to get you in the mood 🙂








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