Student Manager of Operations & Production

  • Two person team. One person working in the shop at all times.
  • Each person will work 20+ hours a week. The work schedule will be a somewhat flexible work schedule based on business of the shop. Managers responsible for completing all duties—even if it means coming in early or staying late.
  • “Office” located in the front of Tiger Garden by the registers.
  • Work closely with the Tiger Garden Shop Manager to problem solve and keep the shop running smoothly.
  • In Charge Of:
    • Daily shop task oversight
    • Daily shop task distribution
    • Daily order organization
    • Daily order production
    • Daily delivery management
    • Ordering/purchasing/gathering inventory for daily arrangements
    • Shop/retail cleanliness
    • Shop/retail organization
    • Shop scheduling (ex: sick personnel, extra busy days, slow days, etc.)
    • Teleflora/FTD order management
    • email account maintenance