Events with a Spring flare.

Last week we had 14 events, yes you heard me right 14!!

We were fortunate enough to be able to work with the lovely planners and the Chancellors wife at the Chancellors resident while they hosted Event Planners and Chancellors wives from all over the US.  The pieces we made filled the residence and also accented a lovely navy blue table on the stage of the Missouri Theater.  Image


This was probably one of my favorite events thus far because of how simply beautiful the entire setting was.  The ornate detail of the theater mixed with the deep navy and bright yellow from the tulips was to die for.

Another larger event we had last week was one that we do every year, CAFNR’s Monticello Society Brunch.  This year they did it in Jesse Halls Rotunda.  Here are some pictures from that event:


The last event I’m going to touch on was the Sorority Formal at Stoney Creek Inn.  Our designer Kelsey worked hard for weeks planning it and it went on without a hitch.



Here is a link to our facebook page to look at other event pictures.

Happy Spring,


Special Events Coordinator


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