Valentine’s Day 2013 Re-Cap!

Valentine’s Day 2013 was Tiger Garden’s best Valentine’s Day yet! We were exhausted and practically sold out of everything when we closed the doors at 6:00PM on Thursday, February 14th.

Thursday’s are traditionally a great day for Valentine’s Day…in the floral world…and that proved to be true this year. We sold over 3,000 roses and sent out about 300 more orders than last year. Several members of our staff stayed all night at least one night and worked tirelessly long hours to pull off the holiday.

We were very thankful to have a great crew this year! Thank you to everyone who put in extra hours and made this special day possible for us and all of our customers!

Here are some highlights of the chaos. Enjoy!


Roses as they came in!


A little processing!


Designer work station….before it got crazy.


Designing has started.


Was it a late night…or early morning…or both? We had a couple of those!


Some of the orders going out on Valentine’s Day.


Getting started.


Creative vday piece with a Beta fish in it!


ANDDD we’re closed! Shelves and cooler empty!


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