Pot Mums vs. Garden Mums

We have Mums! Not just any Mums, but Pot Mums. These Mums are a great gift idea because they are very full and produce large blooms!  
Do be aware that there are two different kinds of mums-Pot Mums and Garden Mums. Both types of Mums are originally from the same parents, but through much breeding over many years, they have adapted to different environmental conditions. Both have unique characteristics and serve two different purposes. Pot mums have larger flowers but will not survive outside during the winter. They are common gifts and are often utilized as house plants. One can put them outside, where they will serve the purpose of a short-term bedding plant. Last month, we had Garden Mums, which are often purchased to put in a flower bed. They are expected to come back and bloom again next year. We try to carry each type of mum every year to suit the needs of the Gift-Giver and the Gardener. So if you are in the Holiday spirit and would like a nice, affordable gift, Pot Mums are an awesome choice!


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