It’s Just a Helium Shortage…

     With a nation-wide helium shortage, florists everywhere are forced to listen to the cries of starving balloons! With our ears bleeding from the sobbing balloons, we were forced to find an alternative to satisfy them. With our new air pump, Tiger Garden can feed our balloons again!! With this new method, the balloons do not have the ability to fly, but they have mentioned that being tied to a stake in a beautiful bouquet makes them feel more secure and more like a valuable piece of the arrangement.
     Due to the shortage, our events team has had to brainstorm alternatives for balloons.  The first alternative, plant rental, isn’t new for us but is something that can fill space at a low price like balloons.  Plants not only fill space at a low, comparable price to balloons but they add color to a space, liven it up and soften up hard surfaces.  The next alternative is decorating the space with flowers.  We offer centerpieces and larger pieces at all price ranges to decorate tables and stages.  And now with our new air pump we can fill balloons, but they must be tied to something or set on a stake. Please view our Pinterest Board for Balloon Ideas. Whether it be through balloons, plants, centerpieces, or a podium piece; we want to make your vision come to life.  

–Kelly Herrman-Event Coordinator Assistant


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