My absolute favorite flower.

 It is SOOO extremely difficult for a florist to pick a favorite flower. I like so many flowers for many different reasons and have several favotires. With that being said, the cymbidium orchid just stands out above the rest. The reasons why I like it go on and on. It is extremely versatile in designs, the color options are amazing, it holds up very well in unfavorable conditions, it has a shape and texture unlike no other, it has a hint of a wonderful fragrance–not a knock-you-down-fragrance like some other flowers, and it is just simply unique.

If you want to use these flowers in your pieces–you will pay for it. They are on the expensive side. The wonderful thing is that you can mix in a couple blooms here and there if you your budget does not allow for an all-cymbidium orchid flower pallette. 🙂

Cymbidiums come in a wide array of colors. This is a link to a good website to see all the color options.

Happy planning!

Kim Martin — Floral Design Specialist — Columbia, MO


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