How Many Lights Does A Professional Looking Tree Need?

This tip may be a little late for most of you, but take note and make changes next year!

For those of you that missed our post last year, we ALWAYS recommend non pre-lit trees. Read more about that here. So how do you know how many lights to put on your non-lit tree?

To have a professional quality lit tree–a good general rule of thumb we follow is 100 lights for every foot of tree. For really wide and large trees, you will need to add more than 100 lights for every foot.

A couple other lighting tips:

  • You always want to light the tree all the way around–even if it is in a corner or up against a wall. The lights on the back will show through the front and give it some additional dimension. Lighting the back might be a pain–but it will be worth it!
  • When lighting a tree you should never wrap lights straight around on the outside of the branches. Lighting should go horizontally around the tree and you should work your way in and out on every branch. Again, doing this will give the tree some depth and dimension and the professional quality you are looking for.
  • Start with your lights at the bottom! Plug in the set you are starting with and leave them lit as you put them on the tree. Putting on lights while they are lit will enable you to distribute them evenly.
  • Never plug-in more lights end-to-end than recommended on the box. This will decrease your light life. It is short enough when you follow the instructions! 

Hope this helps down the road in your holiday decorating experiences! Happy decorating!

Kim Martin — Floral Design Specialist —  Columbia, MO


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