Decorative Mesh

Decorative mesh has taken holiday decor by storm! It’s a material that has been growing in use for the past couple years and it has finally come to our area!

Deco mesh comes in all colors and is a great addition to all or your holiday decor. You can buy it in 10 or 20 yard rolls and it is usually about 18″ wide. Some of the mesh will be rather thin–the more sparkly mesh will be a bit thicker and carry a slightly bigger price tag. It is usually made out of a plastic material, but the premium quality mesh will have a little foil mixed into it to give it that extra sparkle.

The mesh can be twisted, turned, looped, tucked and crossed in any way. Deco mesh really adds volume and texture in an instant. Its versatility makes it extremely easy to use! And not only is it versatile, based on our experiences it holds up very well outdoors!

We have been adding deco mesh to trees, wreaths, garlands, centerpieces and just about anything else we can think of!

Our tip for decorating this year: Before you drag all of your décor out or storage, pick up a couple rolls of mesh to really out do yourself this year! To see the colors of mesh we have available, click here!

Happy decorating!

Kim Martin — Floral Design Specialist —  Columbia, MO


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