An Orange Wedding

When Jessica came to us and said, “I don’t care what flowers you use…I just want them to be orange!”–I knew it was going to be a fun wedding to design. I loved not only the color choice (orange being my favorite color), but getting to use my creative judgement and pick any array of flowers I wanted! Jessica brought in a few pictures and a couple of ideas to work from, and this is what we created! The bride’s bouquet is where I always start with my planning. The bride will usually give a few key tips that point me in the right direction–then everything else can be created from there! 

The bouquet was a traditional hand-tied bouquet wrapped with ivory ribbon. It featured: fire calla lilies, orange spider mums, orange dahlias, orangish alstroemeria, orange spray roses a collar of seeded eucalyptus.

Dahlias come in many colors–orange being one of them. They actually come in several shades of orange, depending on what time of the year you order them. Dahlias are great flowers to use in weddings because of their large showy flowers; they also blend well with several types of designs.

The boutonniers were simple and sophisticated. The flowers and seeded eucalyptus coordinated with the bouquets wonderfully. The calla lily was used for the grooms boutonniere and the spray roses for the other men in the wedding.

A picture of an aisle marker was really the only picture Jessica brought to us–and we did our best to re-create it! The wedding venue was changed from a grass lawn to a cement patio–therefore we had to do a little thinking to make the shepherds hooks work as planned!

The vased arrangements hung on shepherds hooks for the ceremony and then were re-purposed at the reception as centerpieces. This is a great way to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to wedding flowers! Sometimes it takes a little creativity to design pieces you can use in both places–but it is always an option.

 Good luck planning your “orange” wedding!

Kim Martin — Floral Design Specialist — Columbia, MO


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