3 Reasons to Use Daffodils in Your Wedding!

What is not to love about daffodils? They are the first sure sign spring is just around the corner and you cannot help but feel happy when you look at them!

Daffodils are great flowers to use in a spring wedding and below are my top three reasons why.


#1) Daffodils are budget friendly—maybe even free! Most of us have them growing in our yard—or know someone who does. If you harvest them yourself, put them directly into plain water. The flowers should easily last for a couple of days without refrigeration! The only caution to using flowers from the yard is to make sure you have a backup plan; Mother Nature is very unpredictable!

#2) Daffodils make a bright, simple statement. It is hard to beat their bright yellow color; they are like little drops of sunshine! The monochromatic color scheme will give your flowers a sophisticated look and have a big impact on your tables or in your bouquets!

#3) Daffodils are easy to arrange yourself. Take a cluster of them and drop them into a mason jar for a fabulous centerpiece! While a bouquet or other pieces may not be something you want to tackle, it’s hard to go wrong with centerpieces. Doing your own centerpieces will not only save you money, but also show your talent too!

It’s hard not to love this bright, happy flower which has maximum impact and little cost!

Happy Spring!!!

Kim Martin — Floral Design Specialist — Columbia, MO


One thought on “3 Reasons to Use Daffodils in Your Wedding!

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