3 “Real” Tips to Successful Wedding Flower Planning

When it comes to planning flowers, or wedding planning in general, I know it can be a dreadful time for some brides. My goal is to make your flower planning as painless as possible! 🙂  To aid in the process I’ve put together three honest, real tips to make your flower planning a great experience–even if it’s not your forte!

1.  Do your homework.

When you are meeting with a florist about your wedding flowers—they want to hear what YOU want! Take some time to look through a wedding flower magazine or surf the web. Sometimes finding pictures of what you don’t like is as helpful as finding pictures of what you do like! You will get the most out of your consultation by being prepared and bringing pictures.

2.  Don’t be afraid to share your budget!

You can spend a lot of money really quickly when it comes to flowers! Before you go into a consultation, decide if you want your dream flowers—no matter the cost–or if you want your flowers to fit within a budget. If you decide you want your flowers to fit within a budget—and let’s face it, most of us do!—don’t be afraid to share that. Planning a budget friendly wedding takes a much different approach from a florist’s point of view!

3.  Keep an open mind about your flowers.

As you look through magazines and surf the web—realize that many of the flower pictures you see are very large and extravagant and sometimes not even real. Many of the pictures are things the average person could not afford. For example: Picture a dozen rose vase. It is a fairly standard arrangement and the average cost in this country is around $75. Count the number of blooms in the arrangement you are looking at. If it’s more than 12—you are probably looking at $100 for the arrangement!

Many pictures brides bring to me are not realistic for their budget and it really leads to disappointment in the end. Keep an open mind to your flowers—don’t get stuck on one picture! It’s best to find multiple pictures of different things you like—some may include flowers—others may not. A florist can then take all the pictures/ideas to create something that fits your style and is within your budget.

Kim Martin — Floral Design Specialist —  Columbia, MO


2 thoughts on “3 “Real” Tips to Successful Wedding Flower Planning

  1. This is good advice. When I planned my wedding I had a big budget, but by the time the day arrived, by budget had shrunk. A lot. I couldn’t afford the grand bouquet I wanted, but I sat down with the florist and we worked something out.

    In the end she made me a bouquet from hydrangeas, one large bloom and then she wired small sections of another. It was, if anything more beautiful than the one Id originally planned on.

    Be realistic and tell your florist, she will understand.

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