Helpful Holiday Decoration Tip #1

We know how easy it can be to pull out that old box of lights and ornaments and put them on the tree the exact same way you have put them on for the last 10 years—but doesn’t that routine get a little old?

If you feel like your tree could use a little sprucing—this is the tip for you!

The easiest, most cost-effective way to make fabulous changes to your tree is to add elements other than ornaments. By that I mean floral picks! Floral picks (or floral stems) can describe a lot of different things. They can be found anywhere that sells holiday florals and are usually multi-stemmed bunches or branches. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Some will have berries and others will be completely covered in glitter.

Once you get your picks home they are really easy to implement into your tree decorations. You can use the pick in a whole piece or cut it into multiple pieces. You will take the pieces and push them into the tree. It’s that easy! You want to have enough picks to make a statement—but not so many that the tree becomes overwhelmed.

Floral picks will add a new texture and dimension to your tree. It is an extremely easy way to really spruce everything up! Give it a try—I bet it turns out better than you think! If not, we are always here to help you clean up the mess! 🙂

Happy decorating!



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