My perspective on…silk flowers.

Throughout the late 80’s and 90’s silk flowers were heavily utilized in the wedding industry. Perhaps a little too much! This fad faded by the turn of the century and fresh flowers have dominated the market for the last several years. But recently, silk flowers have begun to make a come-back.

It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to work on a very large-scale event crew that I realized the importance of silk flowers. The theory of the particular designer I was working under was, “If it is above your eye level—then use silk.” The more I thought this concept the more it made sense. If you use quality silks and mix in a few fresh flowers, nobody will ever know the difference!

What I had always disliked about silk flowers was that you could tell they were fake! When we completed these designs, they were beautiful. The word fake didn’t even cross your mind. This is when I realized that silk flowers can be used effectively to create amazing things.

With silk flowers you never have to worry about how the flowers will hold up. With some delicate flowers it just makes sense to use silk. A good example of this is hydrangeas. They are known for wilting quickly and being rather delicate. High-quality silk hydrangeas are a good substitute for fresh hydrangeas. You can use the hydrangea as your base and add other fresh flowers to it! Would you be able to tell the difference if the hydrangea in the picture above was silk? Or any of the flowers for that matter?

Everyone should have fresh flowers on their wedding day. They just bring a certain liveliness to the event! If you can utilize silk flowers to extend arrangement life and/or cut costs–mixing silks into arrangements is a great idea.

Key take away: Don’t discount silk flowers because of stereotypes you may have, when used creatively and tastefully they can be wonderful additions to any special occasion!

Kim Martin — Floral Design Specialist —  Columbia, MO


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