All you need to know about….wheatgrass!

Wheatgrass is a quick-growing, vibrant green grass. In a greenhouse, it takes about seven days to grow this grass 5” tall–which is about the height you usually want to use it. It can be grown in many different shapes and sizes of containers making it very versatile!

I loved how the centerpieces turned out for my wedding. We (meaning some good friends of mine) grew the grass in long rose boxes. The rose boxes were the perfect shape to compliment my rectangle tables. Rose boxes are normally clear, so we painted them bright orange to match my color scheme.


The grass can be grown/trimmed to different heights. It can be trimmed as short as 1″ to create a very manicured look. The key is to let the grass grow at least 5″ tall and then trim it back to the desired height. Otherwise, you might end up with sparse grass because it did not have time to “fill out.” Once the grass gets taller than 5″, it begins to spread out and takes on an over-grown look. Practice and timing is key to successfully growing wheatgrass to the height you desire. 

With wheatgrass, there is no worry about the product holding up throughout the event. Unlike fresh flowers, wheatgrass is not a cut stem; it is a living, growing plant! If it is a hot day, water (and drain) the grass before sitting it out, and it will hold up much better than most fresh flower material.

Wheatgrass makes great centerpieces and accents. Depending on the type of container the grass is grown in, it can be used at variety of events, everything from a very formal wedding to a casual picnic. Either way, wheatgrass is a great budget friendly alternative to fresh flowers!


Kim Martin — Floral Design Specialist — Columbia, MO


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