How long does it take to plan flowers?!

Wedding Planning Timeline

My short answer to this question is—the more time you allow, the more options you will have. If you would like limitless options, you might think about planning sooner rather than later. If you can be a little more flexible, then you have all the time in the world! 🙂

In my opinion, it is never too early to start planning your flowers—no matter what the event! I am a “planning person” and like to give myself plenty of time. When you plan early the florist will have more flower and product options to choose from. The longer you wait to plan the fewer options you will have. Some flowers and vases need to be ordered weeks before the event to arrive on time. If you place your order too late you could be looking at some pretty steep prices.

I do understand, and appreciate, that everyone does not operate on the same schedule I do! Some of us would rather put off the torture until just before the event and then dive into everything.

My suggestions:

If you have specific flowers, containers, themes, ideas you would like to incorporate into your flowers, and cannot live without them–plan early. At least six months prior to the event I would start contacting florists. Florists fill up rather quickly on popular weekends. Once you have found a florist to work with they will take the reins from there!

If you are a laid-back, care-free, easy-to-impress, type of person who has very general ideas about their flowers and few specific detail concerns–then you can wait a little longer to start planning. I would suggest that no less than two months out you should be contacting a florist. This allows plenty of time for consultations and ordering without stressing anyone out too much!

Kim Martin — Floral Design Specialist — Columbia, MO


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